beautiful now---zedd、jon bellion we won't be alone---feint,laura brehm don't let me down--the chainsmokers,illenium,daya all you are---metrix fade --alan walker,lary rong sing me to sleep--alan walker,marshmello wake--hillson...

Time - MKJ

shape of you look what you made me do 2U Havana closer perfect

推荐几首最近听的歌: I am you Summer Vibe Shape of you Tired Strip that down Party shaker


Bishop Briggs 演唱的英文歌 river I've been a liar, been a thief 我曾口吐谎言 偷窃劫掠 Been a lover, been a cheat 曾有过爱情 也曾怀有二心 All my sins need holy water, feel it washin' over me 只有那圣水将我洗礼 才能把我的罪孽洗清...

你听一下是不是下面中的哪一首!! sunrise big big world my love will get you home Jason Derulo--Whatcha Say 奥斯卡金曲--loveing you 布兰妮的 我将一直爱你 sometime autumn goodbye everytime 阿黛尔的 need you now someone like you a...

《free stuff》 歌词Hey Hey 所有人拿走我的 Hey Hey Everybody stealing my Ho 所有人偷走我的 Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Everybody taking my Hey Hey 所有人拿走我的 Hey Hey Everybody stealing my Ya Ya 所有人偷走我的 Ya Ya Everybody taking my Ho...

wake (hillsong young and free) if everyone cared ignite英雄联盟比赛 my songs know what you did in the dark radioactive

Katy Perry的单曲《Wide Awake》

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