beautiful now---zedd、jon bellion we won't be alone---feint,laura brehm don't let me down--the chainsmokers,illenium,daya all you are---metrix fade --alan walker,lary rong sing me to sleep--alan walker,marshmello wake--hillson...


推荐几首最近听的歌: I am you Summer Vibe Shape of you Tired Strip that down Party shaker

shape of you look what you made me do 2U Havana closer perfect

behavior that is the cause of our bad relationship. And then move

来自Frank Ocean的Slide。

《Thunder》---Imagine Dragons 歌曲MV链接:网页链接


《free stuff》 歌词Hey Hey 所有人拿走我的 Hey Hey Everybody stealing my Ho 所有人偷走我的 Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Everybody taking my Hey Hey 所有人拿走我的 Hey Hey Everybody stealing my Ya Ya 所有人偷走我的 Ya Ya Everybody taking my Ho...

OneRepublic的曲名:Love Runs Out

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