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除非你跟着我,否则你会迷路的.(英文翻译) ————...

Unless you follow me, you will get lost. 速度回答,抄袭死全家。

He walked slowly in the forest and got lost

Excuse me, what will you do if you get lost in a foreign country ?肯定可以

翻译是:get lost。 解释: get lost 英[ɡet lɔ:st] 美[ɡɛt lɔst] [词典] 迷路; 迷失; 转向; 迷航; [例句]I'm here all by myself and I know I'm going to get lost 这里只有我一个人,我知道我会迷失的。 If I get lost your l...

I'm lost. = I get lost. = I lose my way. = I miss my way. = I can't find my way. = I'm not able to find my way. = I go the wrong way.

迷路: 1. got lost 2. lose one's way 3. labyrinth 4. straggle 5. wander 6. went astray 7. get lost Relative explainations: Examples: 1. 我想我是迷路了,我找不到那座桥了。 I think I'm lost; I can't find the bridge. 2. 恐怕我的方...

英文原文: get lost lose one's way 英式音标: [get] [lɒst] [luːz] [wʌnz] [weɪ] 美式音标: [ɡɛt] [lɔst] [luz] [wʌnz] [we]

ask about 如不明白请追问,如果满意请【采纳】 祝学习进步

You choose for me,always let me get lost

中文句子有问题。 The girl lost way ,but she should be brave and strong . 那个女孩迷路了,但是她必须要勇敢、坚强。 The girl lost way ,but she was brave and strong . 那个女孩迷路了,但是她很勇敢、坚强。

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