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除非你跟着我,否则你会迷路的.(英文翻译) ————...

Unless you follow me, you will get lost. 速度回答,抄袭死全家。

I'm lost. = I get lost. = I lose my way. = I miss my way. = I can't find my way. = I'm not able to find my way. = I go the wrong way.

Excuse me, what will you do if you get lost in a foreign country ?肯定可以

Otherwise,you will get lost.

If you go to a strange place, it's easy to get lost.

带上地图,否则你会迷路的 Take a map, or you'll get lost.

If I loss myself somewhere,I hope you can bring me back.

You won't find the way, unless you can get lost

No one can travel without purpose, and those who are lost in the hope of getting lost. 出自 岛上书店 一书

I am the maze of a lost Xiao, who came to me from theendless dungeon? 如果你还有什么需要翻译的话,可以百度 " 在线翻译" 链接

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